Why I do What I do

I’m a retired software engineer with a love of puzzles, languages, art and writing.

I began reading the inscriptions on Jewish tombstones in a region of Slovakia, where Jews were once part of their thriving communities. After the Holocaust, for the most part, only the tombstones remained in the cemeteries.  The people who once knew where their departed loved ones were buried, were themselves wiped out.  So I undertook this as a mission to bring the former existence of these people, “back to life” by capturing as much information about them as I could.

In collaboration with my dear colleague, Mikulas Liptak, who lives in Slovakia, and did the harder part of measuring, mapping, and photographing the tombstones, I had the more “cushy” job of sitting in my executive armchair and capturing as much information as I could.

I learned many things along the way and I hope to share some of these findings on this blog-site.  In addition, if people need my help, I hope I can help them solve their puzzles.

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